Horsin' Around

82 x 88 Bed size
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    I'm in the process of making this gorgeous quilt right now. The pattern and directions (lack thereof) are HORRIBLE. A beginning quilter would quit forever, if this were their first project. Several items on the quilt did not have "materials" on the material list. Corrections should be provided with all new patterns. More, clearer directions too. Facial markings and "paint horse designs" could be included too, for people that don't know anything about horses. Patterns should only be one-sided. These were a major challenge to trace, and I do LOTS and LOTS of applique, so I'm no beginnr. LKO

    Just got the pattern and reviewed it thoroughly so I can plan my quilt. This is going to be so much fun - but a LOT of hours to get it completed. Will be well worth it, though - can't wait to get started!!

    I love the design and picture of the quilt. BUT the instructions and pattern sheets are terrible. In fact the worst applicque pattern I have every had. There is no legend showing what the dotted lines mean. The patches on the heads of the horses are not included. The different coloured mains do not have their own tracing pattern (even looking at the dotted light it does not make sense). I am thoroughly discouraged after tracing the patterns onto fusible as I need to trace again for mains (I think). J Burt

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